Here is a little about us.

About Us

Chapter Name: North Idaho College Business Professionals of America
Theme: Get Your Community Moving
School: North Idaho College
City: Coeur d'Alene
State: Idaho
Year: 2012


This website was built to piggy-back off of the official Let's Move! website in hopes that we can relate back to Let's Move while keeping our own image in promoting the program in North Idaho. We chose to target North Idaho because in reality, if you want to target kids and schools, you need to look at the overall districts in the area instead of only one school. It's much more effective if every school in a district is consistent with the food and activities they promote. In turn if whole cities and counties are making the effort to promote healthy eating and getting active, the community around these kids and their parents will be better, and in turn their lives will be better. Helping to change the environment around the people for their benefit will greatly affect the individual themselves, as they are heavily influenced by their environment. These kids need to pick up on these healthy habits young so they grow up with them.