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Things like these can give child the necessary building blocks for a kid to grow up successful and healthy

Mom & Baby
  1. Eat dinner with your family sitting at the table. It’s important to have dinner together because it allows families to talk about their days, goals, and set family morals that can help a child and parent in the Let’s Move! program.
  2. The Let’s Move! website suggests taking a walk with your family after a dinner to allow time to talk and spend time together.
  3. Planning and cooking meals as a family can keep everyone involved while keeping planning to a minimum and as stress less as possible. Shopping can be a family activity too to plan a menu to stay involved.
  4. Spending more time the family and less with the television. Turn off the television during dinner and spend time with each other.
  5. Get involved at your child’s school and get parents and the community members to organize some nutritional changes. Talk to your child’s principle about possible changes.
  6. Always keep fruits and vegetables available within reach for kids to snack on, while limiting sugary treats.
  7. Serve smaller serving sizes at dinner.
  8. Keep a safe neighborhood and work on making access to park and playgrounds for your kids and other kids to go play.