Activity Ideas Let's Move Outside Families Communities

Get Active!

Physical activity is important in the development and growth of children and adults. Staying active reduced the chances of developing serious illnesses and physical problems in the future such as type 2 diabetes which doesn’t allow enough insulin into the body to control blood sugar. Other issues such as stroke, high blood pressure, irregular cholesterol levels, or worse: cancer or heart diseases, all from obesity.

While that may be a bit of a scare, fitness holds a lot of benefits too such as allowing the body to build leaner muscle, reduce fat, strengthen bones, joints, muscles, while also keeping your weight, your attention span, thinking, and stress levels in check. Allowing your child or yourself to go out and be active gives everyone a chance to also be social, increase mobility, flexibility, endurance, and motor skills, all the while increasing brain levels and creating healthier brain development in children. Fitness may also aid in behavior and gives a child a sense of self-discipline and routine, which can help them throughout their life and school. Doing better and feeling good about themselves and their body will help build confidence which will keep them happy and successful.